Sex Robots & Lifelike Sex Dolls are Coming Soon

According to a recent report, by 2050 robot sex is expected to be more popular than human-human sexual activity.

Sex Robots & Lifelike Sex Dolls are Coming Soon, would you buy one?


According to a new report, human-on robot sex may be more prevalent than human-on human sex in 2050.

Futurologist Dr. Ian Pearson says that vibrators and other robotic sex toys have been around for over a hundred years, so the introduction of sex bots is not a huge leap.

Pearson predicts that by 2030, the majority of people will be using virtual sex in the same way they do pornography today.

By 2035, most people will have sex toys which interact with virtual-reality sex. In 2050, robot sex will begin to overtake human-human sex.

Wealth will determine when people can get their hands on fully-functioning sex robotics. The super-wealthy are likely to own them by 2025.

He said that “for whatever reason, there are a large number of people who don’t have the relationship they want with someone who loves them and can love them.”

“I think sex robots are a great idea for people who have this problem. It will solve a problem, fill in a big hole in their life and make them happier.

Not everyone is thrilled by the idea of a sex-robot. Kathleen Richardson, a robot ethicist, recently launched a anti-sex robot campaign.

Richardson says that “everyone believes it won’t harm real women or children because the robot is a prostitute.”

“But that hasn’t happened, because if you don’t address the core concept that it’s not OK for some human beings be reduced to things then you only add another layer of complexity, complication, and distortion to a relationship that is already distorted”.

Who is the most Lifelike Sex Doll?

This is not a surprise, since sex toys are meant to look and act like real humans. The first realistic love dolls were undoubtedly groundbreaking technological feats. These dolls combine the latest material science, robotics, artificial intelligent, and human emotion.

I initially decided to delay writing this article because I thought I hadn’t tested enough of the most realistic sex toys on the market. By now, I’ve already spent tens and thousands of dollars on various realistic love dolls. By now, I’m confident that I can rank the most realistic sex toys against each other.

However, I believe that it is necessary to categorize love dolls based on price ranges. Comparing a $900 doll with a $9000 would be unfair. It is for this reason that I have ranked the most real sex dolls within each price range:

  • High-End
  • Mid-Range
  • Buy Cheap

This review is not going to be too long. I know you are eager to read the juicy details. Without further ado…

The Best High-End Lifelike Sex DollsSex Robots & Lifelike Sex Leila Doll

The realistic sex dolls are expensive, but you will get a fantastic product. These sex toys are incredibly realistic. The skin, the bodies, and the faces. These are the most realistic sex toys in the world.

#1. Ange

She is my newest and best realistic sex toy. She has a stunning face and a sexy, enticing body. This doll is a great choice for those who love the Japanese look.

Price: $13,091 on Kanojo Toys

I think that Ange is the most realistic sex toy you can buy. She was designed by Japanese Orient Industry. The Japanese Orient Industry is the largest sex toy manufacturer in the world. They celebrated their 40th Anniversary last year.

Ange is a perfect example of what 40 years experience in building realistic sex toys can do. Her breasts, face, hair… everything is perfect. Ange also got the top spot in my article about Japanese sex-dolls. She deserved it. After writing that article, I bought Ange myself, and it was the best decision of all time.

Ange is the most realistic sex toy I’ve ever owned. I hardly touched any of my other sex toys after purchasing her. Her face is her most prominent feature. In pictures, I knew she was beautiful but in person… that’s another story. She is more beautiful to me than any Victoria’s Secret model. It is impossible to describe the joy of seeing her in bed waiting for me at night.

Ange is the best realistic sex toy I can recommend. Although she is expensive, Ange will give you years of pleasure.

#2. RealDoll 2

RealDoll is the best realistic sex doll. RealDoll is a great choice for the best realistic sex dolly because of its high-end quality and fantastic customer service.

Price starting at $5499 for RealDoll

RealDoll is the Best Sex Doll and I’ve been saying this for years. This should not be a surprise. RealDolls is one of the most real sex toys, made by Abyss Creations in the United States. They have established themselves in the sex-doll industry within a short time by creating beautiful, ultra-realistic sex toys.

In my RealDoll review, I’ve covered the dolls in detail. You should check out the site if you’re interested in learning more. To summarize my thoughts I will say the following. RealDolls have a hyper-realistic sex doll with flawless skin, beautiful faces, and perfect vaginal inserts. Ange won the award for the best realistic sex dolly, but RealDoll was not inferior. Whether you prefer Japanese or Western women is a matter of personal choice. RealDolls truly are masterpieces. Any owner of a RealDoll will be happy, guaranteed.

#3. Yasuragi

She was also created by the Orient Industry, just like Ange. Yasuragi may be expensive, but it is worth the price if you are looking for one of the most lifelike silicone sex toys in the world. She’s your girl.

Price: $13,681 on Kanojo Toys

Yasuragi, too, is one of the lifelikest sex toys I’ve ever seen. She has a realistic, sexy body with real breasts and a beautiful vagina. She looks uncannily like a Japanese woman. Yasuragi was a complete surprise to me. I’m a big fan of JAV and Japanese women. She is gorgeous!

Yasuragi’s only drawback is its high price. It is a big investment, but you get so much happiness and well-being for it. Yasuragi will make any guy happier than a kid. What else can I say?

Best Realistic Lifelike Sex Dolls in the Mid-RangeSex Robots & Lifelike Sex Dolls

The category of realistic sex toys that I most recommend is this one. These love dolls are ultra-realistic, but won’t break the bank. If you’re looking for realistic sex toys that are affordable, then you should check out this list.

#1. Kendra

Kendra is the lifelikest sex toy in her price range. Due to her athletic body and beautiful face, I had no choice but to rate her as the most realistic sex dolly under $3000.

Sex Doll Genie $2330

Oh my God – that body is amazing! The six-pack, the perky tit, the hair. Kendra’s looks, her body and her hair made me love Kendra at first glance. It’s a fact – Kendra is one of the most realistic and sexiest sex dolls on the market. She is also not as expensive as the other three dolls in this list.

Kendra is almost half the price of a high-quality sex doll that looks like a real person. Kendra is one of the first lifelike dolls I own, and the reason that I fell in the love with sex toys. Even though I own several high-end, realistic sex toys by now, I still take her for rides almost every day. She can compete with my $6000 real sex dolly and that, to me, says A LOT. She is the best realistic sex dolly for everyone. You can choose this doll if you are new to the world of real sex and do not want to go straight to high-end, realistic love dolls.

#2. Megan

A lifelike redhead love doll with a killer physique and a beautiful face. What else can I say about Megan? Megan is an absolute must.

Sex Doll Genie 2290 dollars

Megan is my most realistic sex doll redhead. Megan’s pictures will make you drool if you are a redhead lover like me. She’s just waiting for a photo from behind. Her perky ass is bouncing around. Ohh boy!

Megan is a great choice when it comes to life-size sex dolls that are realistic. She is not only beautiful but also very affordable. If you are looking for a great deal and love redheads then she is the perfect lifelike sex toy for you. Megan won’t disappoint you. I can attest to this.

#3. Ahri

Ahri, a beautiful blonde with the most beautiful eyelashes I’ve ever seen in a sex toy. She’s a realistic silicone sex dolly with a medical-grade silicone body.

Price: $ 2,499 on Silicon Wives

Have you played League of Legends before? Ahri is a name that you may recognize if you’ve played League of Legends. She is a great choice for real silicone sex toys. She has perky and sexy breasts and a cute face. Look into those alluring, hypnotic eyes.

Ahri was the clear winner. It was hard to decide between her and the RealDoll Classic, but I finally chose Ahri. She’s a lifelike silicone doll and is much cheaper than RealDoll. Ahri, for its price, is one of the most realistic sex toys available. I love her to the core.

#4. RealDoll Classic Lifelike Sex Doll

The RealDoll Classic was the older version. But don’t let the word “old” fool you. These real sex toys are still masterpieces.

Price: RealDoll $3999 (5% discount with “CYBERDEAR coupon”)

The RealDoll Classic, which I discussed earlier, is similar in many ways to the RealDoll 2. Check out my RealDoll Review to learn more about the differences between RealDolls.

There are currently only two Classic models available, but they are both stunning. The Classic is a great option for those who want a RealDoll but don’t have the money to spend. These are without a doubt the most realistic silicone sex toys.

#5. Carmen

She is an affordable sex toy with high-quality. Carmen is the most realistic sex toy for the money.

Silicon Wives Price: $1799

Carmen is an amazing sex toy with curvy hips, amazing legs, and a beautiful body. She was designed by WM Dolls – a sex toy manufacturer that specializes in realistic sex toys at an affordable price. Carmen is the best realistic sex dolly they’ve released, according to me. My reasoning should be easy to understand. Take a look at Carmen. She is stunning. She has the face of a god, a petite, slim body without unnaturally large curves. Maybe I’m a bit biased because I like blonde chicks. But I think her doll face is one of the best.

Carmen is a great choice if you are looking for the most realistic sex dolls at the best price. You have to try fucking such a lifelike sex dolly. She’s fantastic. She is a great option for anyone looking for a realistic sex toy in the under $3000 range.

#6. Lindsie

Lindsie is a blonde doll that will make you happy. Lindsie’s petite tan figure, golden hair, and soft body make her a favorite.

Sex Doll Genie 2280 $

There are many choices when it comes to realistic sex toys in the $2000 range. Lindsie is one of the few love dolls that stands out. She is absolutely stunning!

Her low price is beyond me. She looks much more expensive than most of the dolls that cost around $2000.

Realistic Sex Dolls at Cheap PricesLifelike Sex Dolls

We are now moving into the realm of realistic cheap dolls. These dolls may not be as advanced as the high-end ones, but…they are still more than able to spice up your sex. These beauties are a great option for those who want a realistic doll that won’t break the bank.

#1. Lorna

Lorna, the most realistic sex toy in the price range under $2000 is without doubt the best. She is beautiful, realistic and the sex she provides is amazing. Lorna has a stunning beauty.

Sex Doll Genie $1975

Lorna, the most realistic sex doll of her kind. She is more expensive than the cheap, realistic sex toys but she is still a great deal. As I compared the dolls under $2000, I realized she was the most realistic looking. She was ranked highly in previous articles so it’s not surprising that she is the best in this category.

Lorna’s a super realistic sex toy. You have to try it for yourself. It’s unbelievable. Even though sex with Ange, the RealDoll 2, or even cheap realistic sex toys can be fantastic.

Lorna, a real sex toy doll at an affordable price is the perfect choice. She’s one of my favorites.

#2. Peach

Peach has dark hair and skin, as well as a very sensual body. She is also the cheapest realistic sex toy on this list.

Price: $1079 for OvDoll

Peach is my second choice of cheap realistic sex toys. Although I thought her breasts were a little too firm, that does not alter the fact she is a fantastic value. You can get a real-life love doll for $1000 that looks, performs, and is able to accompany you as well (or better) than a real woman.

Lana is my personal favorite, but she’s a little pricey, especially for a “cheap” doll. Peach or Bebe are good choices if you’re on a budget.

#3. Bebe

This is the third and last cheap realistic sex dolly I have chosen to include on my list of best realistic sex toys. She’s a sexy doll, but I thought that her size was a bit small and made “realism” seem a bit lacking.

Silicon Wives Price: $1899

Bebe is adorable. She has a petite but athletic body with a lovely face and great tits. She is considered a mini-sex doll due to her 5’3 height. You can read my article about the Best Mini Sex Dolls to learn more. Here I have highlighted Bebe as well as all the other options in this category.

Bebe is a good doll, but I wouldn’t call her the best. She is not as realistic as the other love dolls in this list. It could be because of her small size or overly applied makeup. I’m not sure. For the price she’s still a good pick. Don’t let anyone stop you from pursuing her if you find it attractive. She has plenty to love you.

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