Why Hybrid Energy Systems are the future of the Power Industry

The key principles used in protecting the planet include decreasing greenhouse emissions and decarbonizing energy. Before this feat can be accomplished, the most competitive renewable energies such as photovoltaic, wind, and hydraulic energy must be combined in a hybrid energy system with highly efficient storage systems. Today, hybrid Energy Systems have proven to be a more efficient tool for providing clean and adequate energy than fossil fuel.

What are Hybrid Energy Systems?future of the Power Industry

Hybrid energy systems generate electricity from two or more renewable sources that share a connexion point. Although hybrid systems often generate power higher than its evacuation point, the inverted energy is stable.

For instance, a hybrid generation can use photovoltaic energy when it’s sunny to produce excess energy. These energy is then stored and used to complement the power generated during the windy or cloudy weather – assuring efficient and stable energy supply.

Presently, the number of Hybrid generation plants in Australia continues to rise, but follow strict requirements. However, the law in most European countries is the same for both photovoltaic wind power plants and other technologies.

International Requirement for Hybrid Systems

Below are the international developers’ major requirements of regulatory bodies set to maximize the potential for hybridization:

  • A detailed regulatory framework begins with a definition of the various hybrid generation plants.
  • Standardize requirements related to grid connection, measurement, and traceability processes for renewable energy in hybridization projects.
  • If an existing plant has been hybridized, developers must install a total renewable energy capacity bigger than the agreed grid connection capacity.


What are fossil fuels?

Fossil fuels are hydrocarbons, primarily coal, fuel oil, or natural gas, which constitutes the remains of dead plants and animals.  They are often referred to as mineral fuels. The usage of fossil fuel has allowed a large-scale industrial development and massively supplanted water-driven mills. It has also facilitated the combusting woods or peats for heat. The biggest source of carbon dioxide is the burning of fossil fuels by humans. Today carbon dioxide is one of the greenhouse gases that enables radiative forcing and causes global warming.

Dangers of fossil fuel energy

Regardless of their high consumption rate, the continuous use of fossil fuels is impacting the environment negatively. Below are some of the ways fossil fuel consumption has negatively affected the earth over the years.

  • Contribute to climate change

Fossil fuels are the major pusher of global warming. They release lots of dangerous byproducts into the atmosphere called greenhouse gases (mainly carbon dioxide) whenever they are burned. Carbon dioxide captures an unnatural amount of heat into the atmosphere, which causes changes in weather patterns, like scorching temperatures, droughts, unsteady rainfall, and an unfavorable planet.

  • Non-renewable

Fossil fuels are non-renewable sources of energy. It implies that the resources available are limited and its reserves are not naturally renewed. Since fossil fuels are composed of decomposed organic matter such as dead plants and animals, they take lots of years to form. And unlike other renewable counterparts, they cause pollution if burned for energy.

  • Unsustainable

Fossil fuel consumption is high and relatively fast. So, there’s no secure amount of fossil fuel use because burning fossil fuels in power plants (or cars) cause air pollution. Fortunately, renewable energy sources such as hybrid energy systems are becoming more affordable and competing with fossil fuels.

  • Incentivized

Fossil fuels are affordable because of the history of government incentives, to the tune of $5.2 trillion. So, if renewable resources and alternative energy options will compete with the fossil fuel sector significantly, then we must subsidize them over fossil fuels.

Since 1900, fossil fuel companies and the utility sector have been stuck in politics after they rolled out electricity. This makes it difficult for them to gain their freedom over the energy market because there are several actors at play.

  • Accident-prone

Over the years, fossil fuels have caused several accidents, like exploding drilling platforms, pipeline leaks, and the disposal of millions of gallons of oil into the ocean. If fossil fuels are still in use, they will keep polluting the planet. Even though they’ve been beneficial globally, we can’t keep using them as our major energy resource. The other energy sources are getting more affordable, more dependable, and they don’t release carbon dioxide when they have been used.


Why Hybrid Solar Energy Systems are the ideal replacement?

Fossil fuels has been the major source of energy over the last centuries but research has shown they are bringing more harm than good. This makes you wonder if there is an alternative better than mineral fuel at the moment. Well, that’s where hybrid power system comes in. When you’re in need of a generator hire in Sydney, keep the below in mind.

Below are some of the benefits of hybrid energy systems which makes it the better option.

  1. Continuous power supply: The hybrid solar systems continuously offer power without any interference – provided the batteries connected to them are storing the energy. So, whenever there’s an electricity outage, the batteries start working like an inverter to offer energy backup. When there’s no sun and energy is not generated correctly, the batteries will provide the backup needed without interference.
  2. Use the renewable sources efficiently: Since the hybrid technology has batteries that store energy, the excess power generated during sunny days is not be wasted. The energy stored during the hot days are used in cloudy or windy day.
  3. Low maintenance cost: The maintenance cost of hybrid solar energy systems is low and affordable, unlike other traditional generators that use diesel as fuel. Fuel isn’t needed, and they don’t need regular servicing.
  4. High efficiency: They can work more efficiently than the normal generators that waste fuel under some conditions. Hybrid solar systems work effectively in any conditions without wasting fuel.
  5. Load management: Most hybrid solar power systems manage loads effectively compared to traditional generators, which offer high power once they are turned on. A hybrid solar system possesses technology that adjusts the energy supply based on connected devices. Be it a refrigerator that needs high power or a fan that needs less power, the result is the same.


Billions of people live and work at the grid’s edge and beyond. Most of these people experience the difficulties of being without access to reliable power. If the hybrid energy system can be extended worldwide, then access to power won’t be a problem.

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