How do the Virgin Hyperloop High-Speed Pods Work?

Towards the end of August 2021, Virgin Hyperloop released a video of how their speed pods work. The promo details how users of the invention will benefit. The mover will transport millions of passengers and will be moving at a top speed of 1000 km/hr.

At the moment, the fastest trains are moving at speeds of about 300 km/hr or less. That means the hyperloop pods will triple the speed of the fastest trains. Traditional trains will be left further behind as they’d be 10 times slower.

Features of the hyperloop high speed pods

  1. Near vacuum environment

The near-vacuum environment facilitates the speedy movement of the pod. Thanks to this feature, the speedy pods will have the power to travel as fast as 670mph.

The same will allow passengers not to feel the wind impact that comes with a top speed. That is why you won’t really feel the pods move while inside.

  • Lift and guide

The pods are fixed on a lift and guide. The two are powered by electromagnets that enable the pods to move. This is the reason the pods will be moving at more than electric speeds of 1000 km/hr.

  • Reduced air dynamic drag

The air dynamic drag creates a lot of noise and tension. For users of the pod, this may be inconvenient. You’ve probably travelled on a motorbike without a helmet at high speed.

Even speeds as low as 60Km/hr may make you uncomfortable. Now, imagine traveling on a pod that’s moving at 1000km/hr. The air dynamic drag will be unbearable. This has been well taken care of by the pod developers.

  • Proprietary magnetic levitation and propulsion

This is about efficiency and silence. The feature ensures smooth movements along with lifts and guides. Besides, each pod will have its guide ensuring there are no tragedies.

Besides, using separate guides will ensure the high-speed pods move simultaneously. As a result, more people can move at the same time. This will save time and money.

  • Energy efficient sources of power

As the world eyes a total green economy, vehicle manufacturers have to work on energy-efficient systems. The hyperloop system will be powered by solar and electricity. This will minimize emissions. The pods will produce zero emissions and that makes them environment friendly.

  • Future proof

Modern technology has been used to develop the virgin hyperloop high-speed pods. This means they’ll be around for the longest time.

How the pods work

With the features and qualities highlighted above, the virgin hyperloop high-speed pods work perfectly and efficiently. Pods move in groups. You’ve seen how a train looks like. One long stretch of connected locomotives or train body shells.

The hyperloop assumes a similar design, only that the pods are not connected like those of a train. For that reason, each pod has the power to take a different direction. When they do, the rest maintains the route until it’s their time to change direction.

This happens at a supersonic speed and that is why the hyperloop high-speed pods have an unimaginable carrying capacity.

The other difference between the pods and trains is that the pods are not connected to a track or rail system. But the two systems have similarities too. Only that the hyperloop high-speed pod is a modern system that’s future-proof.

The passenger experience

  1. Comfort

The virgin hyperloop high-speed pods utilize the ‘near vacuum’ idea which makes it comfortable for the passenger. It achieves this by getting rid of the aerodynamic drag. This makes the trips quiet and safe.

For a traveler, it will be a smooth journey with zero worries about safety. The design is also modern and appealing. You will definitely love the interior décor of these pods.

  • Time saving

According to, on their blog post, dated 24 August 2021, and titled “How Does Virgin Hyperloop Work?”, it is estimated that the system will reduce journey times to minutes. The same trips that would last you hours on the go will now last only a few minutes.

This is 3 to 10 times faster than things were. For a passenger, this allows fast movements to other cities. That is the convenience every client is ready to pay for.

  • Direct to destination service

Traditional trains will make you waste time at stations in between destinations. This means long hours of waiting time. The pods are changing this.

With every pod not connected to the others in its convoy, you will be transported to your destination directly from your boarding city. Those not headed in your direction will also be taken to their destinations directly at a supersonic speed.

This freedom brings great value for money. For the passenger, it means a perfect customer experience. This means higher satisfaction levels. For that reason, the company will surely have a higher retention rate.

  • Carrying capacity

Tens of thousands of clients will be transported by high-speed pods. This will happen per hour in all directions and at unimaginable speeds. This means millions will be moved in a day.

The current train systems get overwhelmed sometimes with others having to seek alternative modes of transport. With such a huge carrying capacity, the system will meet the high demand for fast and efficient transport systems.

The hyperloop system is super-fast, comfortable, safe, and efficient. This will attract more clients and probably create more demand. The good news is that this hyperloop system has the capacity to meet this demand.

Bottom Line

The Virgin Hyperloop high-speed pods work in a well-coordinated way offering quick and efficient services. The future proof invention comes a time when passengers needed a direct to the destination service provider. Offering that means they have just started a transport system revolution. It won’t be long before the other systems step up with upgrades to counter this invention. The comfort, serenity, and safety felt inside the pods will make it even harder for competitors. Above all, the environment will benefit as the high-speed pods have zero emissions. This will be a great way to achieve a green economy.

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