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Area 51 Conspiracy Theories

Area 51 Conspiracy Theories, and what goes on there?

Located about 80 miles (129 kilometers) northwest of Las Vegas, Nevada desert, Area 51 is the popular name for a United States Air Force base built-in 1955. The highly classified remote area is the site of secret military testing that evokes an aura of secrecy, mystery, and, of course, extraterrestrial events.

What is Area 51?

Area 51 was built as part of a more effective training and testing complex in Nevada and was initially used as a testing facility for U-2 spy planes. The base has a 12,000-foot (2.3-mile/3.7-kilometer) runway.

Although it has never been declared a “top secret base”, it is highly protected and limited to land and air use. What happened inside is highly secret. The public is kept away by warning signs, electronic surveillance, and armed guards. It is also illegal to fly over Area 51, although the location can now be seen in satellite images.

Other well-known aircraft tested in Area 51 include the Archangel 12, the F-117 Nighthawk stealth fighter, and the SR-71 Blackbird.

How Area 51 got its name?

Area 51 is named from old maps of the Nevada Experimental Site. This map shows that the land around Groom Lake is the 51st of the many areas that form military bases. Currently, Nevada Area 51 is part of the Nevada Nuclear Test Site (NNSS).

Don’t be a space invader: Know before you go.

Located in southern Nevada on the shores of Lake Groom, Area 51 is not a tourist attraction. It is a part of an active military base and is patrolled and protected by the strongest security forces in the world or elsewhere. If you are in the area, follow all posted signs and don’t expect to get even remotely close. Thousands of CCTV cameras and motion monitors throughout the area in front of the base are used for security purposes. Don’t even think about manipulation. You will be arrested and put on trial. Also, you can be a role model forever. And let’s be honest, a lot of selfies and likes aren’t worth the headache.

Area 51 Conspiracy Theories

Inspired by the viral call for “Storm 51,” thousands of people are expected to travel to the desert city of Nevada, hoping to suppress the US military and uncover government secrets that may be hidden there.

Area 51’s association with aliens

The Roswell Incident – a book published in 1980 about Area 51 secrets by Charles Berlitz and William Moore, examined the 1947 incident in Roswell, New Mexico, a mysterious object blatantly covered by the media as a “flying saucer” but rejected by the military as a balloon. In 1994, the government finally revealed that the object had been a nuclear surveillance balloon.

Later, in 1987, Groom Lake, Area 51, one of this nation’s most secret testing centers, was built with the help of aliens themselves. After compiling a thoroughly researched history of the site from interviews and historical records, Jacobsen’s book says that fake alien teens crash-landed in New Mexico in the famous Roswell incident. The wreckage was brought back to Area 51.

Recent investigations, between 2007 and 2012, investigated reports of flying saucers. None of these investigative work directly implicates or involves Area 51. Still, it’s easy to see how a gigantic, mysterious desert military zone can fuel speculation, especially when you know the government isn’t investigating aliens.

Within reach of civilians, it has long been the center of a conspiracy between fans of aliens and people looking for UFOs. They believe that somewhere in the middle of the vast desert surface in Area 51, there is a heavily guarded underground laboratory where the government maintains and studies captured alien aircraft and possibly even the aliens themselves.

Over the years, this belief that the Area 51 “military base” is a cover for alien research has been completely mythologized by popular culture. It has become a deep-rooted part of alien legends. But those who hope to find parked flying saucers and green alien corpses on the cold metal table will be disappointed because the local authorities will certainly not allow anyone to approach secret locations in Nevada.

The moon landing

It seems that the crashed UFOs was not enough, that some conspiracy theorists also believe that Area 51 is where the moon landing took place. In the book “We Never Went to the Moon: The US Three Billion Dollar Scam”, published in 1974, conspiracy theorists argued that NASA astronauts have never been in space and that Neil All images of Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walking on the moon were taken in Area 51. Of course, the moon landing is not fake; even a moon rock as a souvenir was brought. However, some space equipment, such as rover and life support systems, were tested near Nevada at a nuclear test site.

Activities and things to do in Area 51

Aside from ghost towns and alien sightings, a lot is going on in Area 5. The day tour starts in Las Vegas and includes lunch, snacks, custom photo tips, and the stories and traditions of Area 51.

Take a drive-by a former Air Force Captain and visit the famous attractions of the Exotic Highway in a day in a luxurious car.

Explore the lands of Mars and take a comprehensive overview of Area 51 and Nevada’s nuclear age. Visit the Nevada Atomic Exhibition at the Nevada-Las Vegas State Museum and appreciate the history.

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